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  KMG International Manufacturer of: Clean-Room Grade Acids, Bases, Solvents, GenSolve Blends, Copper Clean, BOE, Oxide Etch, Various Etchants for Cr, Ni, NiCr, TiW, TaN, Al, Au, ITO, SiO2 and Polysilicon Films (http://kmgchemicals.com/our-businesses/electronic-chemicals)
  Transene USA Manufacturer of: Various Etchants (Al,Al2O3, BOE, Cr, Cr-Si, Cr-SiO, Cu, GaAs, GaN, Ga2O3, GaP,Ge, Au, Hf, HfO, In2O3,ITO, InP, Fe2O3, Polyimides, MgO,Mo, Nb, NbO, Ni-Cr, Ni, Ni-V, Pd, Ru, Si, SiC, SiO2, Si2N4, Ag, Stainless Steel, Ta, TaSi, Sn, SnO, Ti, TiN, TiW, W, SnO). Electroplating Chemicals (Au,Ag,Sn, Cu, Ni, Zn),Cleaners, Polishers and PCB Materials(www.transene.com)
  MTI USA Manufacturer/Distributor of: Energy Cells Chemicals (Powders, Binders, Electrode Sheets, Collectors Materials, Separators and Electrolites). Polishing, Cutting and Grinding Consumables(Discs, Abrasive Papers, Lapping Cloth, Polishing Pads, Diamond Pastes, Waxes, Glues and Mounting resins (www.mtixtl.com)
  Fluorochem UK Manufacturer/Distributor of: Organic Research Intermediates, NMR Products, Silica Gels, Biochemical Products and Silanes(www.fluorochem.co.uk)